How to Fry Flying Fish?

Answer Low in fat and high in protein, fish is a healthy substitute for meat. Flying fish, an ocean fish that jumps out of the water at distances of ten to twenty feet, is tender and white in color, but m... Read More »

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How many feet can a flying fish glide above water using its pectoral fins?

Flying fish can glide over 4 feet above the surface of the water and travel for distances of up to 655 feet using their pectoral fins. They begin gliding by reaching speeds of around 37 mph underwa... Read More »

Im flying alone in under a week to malta, and im petrified of flying! helppp!?

If you contact the airline before you fly, or even if you just speak to one of the stewards/ stewardess, and explain your fears, and that you are flying alone, you may find that they will arrange s... Read More »

What Kinds of Fish Were Kept in Ancient Roman Fish Ponds?

In ancient times, wealthy Romans enjoy pisciculture, their term for raising fish. The fish ponds they kept were called piscinae, and were incredibly expensive to maintain. Marcus Terentius Varro, a... Read More »

When can baby fish be welcomed into a tank with adult fish?

Keep the baby fish in the clear bags they came in when purchased, or mesh bags. Place the bag into the tank for one hour. Make sure the tank has plenty of hiding spots, such as plants and rocks, fo... Read More »