How to Frontside Grind on Aggressive Skates?

Answer Have you ever wanted to grind a curb on the street and impress many people? Well, the frontside grind is the base of all that.

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How to Grind With Inline Skates?

Aggressive inline skating involves performing stunts on inline roller skates, which are sometimes called "rollerblades." Inline skating is an adaptive sport that changes with its environment; skati... Read More »

How to Do Simple Tricks on Aggressive Skates?

Here are some helpful tips on how to do simple tricks for beginners.

What is the smallest size Aggressive skates come in?

The smallest size Aggressive skates come in are a size 4 1/2 for the Xsjado variety. Eachstyle of Aggressive skates come in different sizes. However, the 4 1/2 is the smallest size in the Aggressiv... Read More »

Women's Inline Fitness Skates Vs. Regular Inline Skates?

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