How to Front Somersault on a Trampoline?

Answer In a front somersault, you will do a straight bounce. At the peak of your bounce, you'll tuck tight and fast, tuck your head in and throw your hips backwards and upwards, causing you to rotate. Whe... Read More »

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How to Do a Somersault on a Trampoline?

A forward somersault is a quite easy trick to master if doing it correctly also it is impressive and fun to do!

How to Do a 540 Degree Somersault on a Trampoline?

This trick is very easy. You should know how to land on your feet after a somersault before attempting this.

How to Do a Tucked Back Somersault on a Trampoline?

It's so much fun to bounce around on a trampoline... until you get bored with the simple things and want to spice it up a bit... here's one way.

How to Do a Front Handspring on the Trampoline?

A front handspring is a gymnastics move where you run and place your hands on the ground before bringing your feet around back to a standing position. If you can't quite to a front handspring on th... Read More »