How to Freeze a Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll?

Answer Jimmy Dean sausage rolls come in a variety of flavors and sizes. One-pound rolls are typical but bulk rolls up to five pounds are also sold. Most Jimmy Dean sausage is made from pork products seaso... Read More »

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Can you use Jimmy dean sausage for Lasagna sent bf to get iltian hmmmm lol?

Absolutely. Using different ingredients and changing the mix is what makes cooking fun! Jimmy Dean is spicy and flavorful enough to pair well with the other ingredients.

What is in a jimmy sandwich i heard they make them in queens new york and its not sausage it has chicken other?

Joju has one of the best banh mis. Each one is huge and around 5 bucks. It's packed with meat, pickled daikon and carrots, and fresh cucumbers. You can get it spicy, with or without cilantro, and ... Read More »

Can I freeze turkey sausage gumbo?

Turkey sausage gumbo can be frozen for up to three months. Store the gumbo in individual serving containers, filling them 1 to 2 inches from the top so the soup has room to expand as it freezes.Ref... Read More »

Pork Sausage Beef Sausage Or Turkey Sausage Which do you like better with your Eggs?

TURKEY! I do not eat pork at all! Blessings to you, Scooter!