How to Freeze a Chicken Liver Pate?

Answer Meat pates or pastes, such as those prepared from chicken livers, are a tasty accompaniment as an appetizer or sandwich spread. While you can purchase chicken liver pate ready-made, you can also qu... Read More »

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How to Make Chicken Liver Pate?

Chicken liver p�t� is a way to prepare the livers of chicken for consumption. P�t� is a French word meaning "paste." Making chicken liver p�t� includes grounding chicken livers into a p... Read More »

How is goose liver pate made?

Paté is one of the simplest and most well-known dishes in the French repertoire. In its most basic form, it is simply a dish made from chopped or pureed cooked meat bound together by a creamy bind... Read More »

Is it okay to eat 6pcs chicken liver a day if your anemic?

Beef liver is a much better source of heme iron than chicken liver. Oysters and shrimp are good, but red meat is best. Tannins in tea restrict your body's ability to absorb iron. So don't drink tea... Read More »

Detroit restaurants that serve fried chicken liver?

Southern Fires Restaurant575 Bellevue St.Detroit, MI 48207Steve's Soul Food8443 Grand River Ave.Detroit, MI 48204