How to Freeze Pears for Jelly?

Answer Freezing and canning are ways to preserve the summer's bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables. Pears lend themselves especially well to preservation -- they taste great and perform well in your... Read More »

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How to Freeze Dry Pears?

When you freeze fruit, you keep its quality and flavor for up to a year in many cases. This can be useful when you have large quantities of fruit you want to save. Dry-freezing, also called open fr... Read More »

Can you freeze a glass jar of jelly?

Yes, you can freeze a glass jar of jelly just as you can with jam. To maximize freshness when you thaw it (no freezer burn), make sure to put the lid on tight. Full jars freeze more evenly.Referenc... Read More »

Can you freeze peanut butter&jelly sandwiches?

You can freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To avoid a soggy end result, start with a frozen loaf of bread. Put peanut butter on both slices of bread, with jelly in the middle. This will hel... Read More »

3 boxes of equal fruits,apple,orange and pears.take away 38 pears and some apples and oranges, you are left?

This is not a preschool question. Try putting it in "homework help"; you may find those who can answer your question.