How to Freelance for an Ad Agency?

Answer Many ad agencies regularly hire freelancers, either to help ease the workload on their full-time employees, or to assist with special projects. They hire a wide variety of creative professionals, i... Read More »

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What would be some differences between a state-funded child placement agency and a private adoption agency?

AnswerFees and cost. You will pay more in a private agency than a state-funded agency. State-funding provides alot of the extra fees so that your cost is minimal (if any). Age of the child. A child... Read More »

Who is more involved with foreign policy central intelligence agency or arms control and disarmament agency?

yes and no they can if hey belive something is not right they can send in a letter of resignation and if is declined no, but if excepted then they dont have to work or solve cases

What does the Central Intelligence Agency have more freedom of action than other federal agency?

Yes, ex-DEA chief for Central America, Celerino Castillo and CIA pilot Terry Reed. The DEA and FBI tried to counterattack them by filing charges against them also for drug trafficking! Read the Ker... Read More »

The national security agency is the primary intelligence agency for who?

US bureaucracy has a paranoia about one person or group being in charge of more than one thing. So, all decisions and appointments must be approved by two or three different groups or individuals b... Read More »