How to Free Jump a Horse/Pony?

Answer Wheeee!Do you want to see your pony jump without a saddle? Or do you not have tack but want to jump your horse? Well why not try free jumping?

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How to Free Jump Your Horse?

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How to Do a Cat to Cat Free Running Pole Jump?

Free running is a challenging sport, so wear a decent pair of shoes when starting up. This article tells you all about the simple cat to cat.

I've got a digital free-view box (digilogic), and almost all the channels jump constantly!!?

It's due to atmospheric conditions....i have 2, both in separate rooms and they both jump and are distorted, I've also heard it refered to as cubing!!

How to Jump Start a Car With a Jump Starter?

To be honest you should never try jumping a car of any type yourself (Really you should wait for a trained professional such as a recruit from the AA or RAC etc) because the ECU's are very sensitiv... Read More »