How to Frame a Concrete Floor?

Answer Concrete floors are used for everything from patios and sidewalks to garage and home subfloors. To create a solid and square frame, it's necessary to use good quality lumber and place it on an even... Read More »

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How do I frame a bottom plate to a concrete floor?

LayoutLay the bottom plate in place prior to building the wall. Mark all four corners. Remove the bottom plate and snap chalklines using the marks as guides to outline the length of the bottom plat... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of having a wooden frame swimming pool as opposed to a steel or concrete frame?

Answer In above ground models, wood is much better than steel. If you "rough house" in a steel pool, you potentially could knock it down. It you run into it with a bike or lawn tractor you will l... Read More »

What is an effective and easy way to remove/clean the oil that's on the garage floor (it's a concrete floor)?

Believe it or not - Kitty Litter. The cheapest you can find. Put it on the oil spots & let it remain a couple days. Stir & sweep it around once or twice.It might take a couple treatments but it wil... Read More »

Will a concrete floor make the basement floor cold?

Concrete--like natural stone and ceramic tile--will be colder than wood flooring or carpet. If no direct sunlight rays are being absorbed by the concrete floor, your basement space will be colder.R... Read More »