How to Forward a Call on Nextel?

Answer Calls to your Nextel phone can be forwarded to another number that you designate. Sprint-Nextel offers customers the ability to forward calls when there is no answer or when the line is busy. You c... Read More »

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How do i forward landline calls when the call forward feature is unavailable on my landline phone,adaptor?

I am not aware of any hardware that can provide this function. I'm surprised your local provider doesn't offer that feature, it is a really popular feature. You must live in a very rural area!n

What is the difference between Call Transfer and Call Forward Thanks?

With call forwarding, you pre-program a number that you'd like your incoming calls to go to, and whenever someone dials your number, the phone will ring at the forwarding number.With call transfer,... Read More »

How to Call Forward on a Samsung A707?

The Samsung A707 is a mobile phone that is used for basic phone services. The mobile phone can also be used for playing games, as a media player and a camera. Call forwarding is a feature used to f... Read More »

Who owns Nextel?

Sprint began negotiations with Nextel in 2004, and by the end of 2005 the two had merged into one company known as Sprint Nextel. Sprint Nextel has now grown to service 48 million customers.Source:... Read More »