How to Forward Calls to Voicemail on a Verizon Android?

Answer When you are unable to take a call on your Verizon Android-based cell phone, instead of letting the phone ring and ring, send the call directly to voice mail. The caller can leave a message without... Read More »

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How do you use voicemail on a Verizon android phone?

How do i forward landline calls when the call forward feature is unavailable on my landline phone,adaptor?

I am not aware of any hardware that can provide this function. I'm surprised your local provider doesn't offer that feature, it is a really popular feature. You must live in a very rural area!n

How do you forward voicemail on the iphone 4?

Well, depends on what you want from it. you may want a music you may want games or you may even want it for fitness training. But I would recommend you get it for everything it has. Hope you have f... Read More »

How to Activate Voicemail on Verizon?

After activating your Verizon Wireless phone, you may access and activate your Verizon voice mail. Your voice mail can be activated from your phone without having to travel to the Verizon store. He... Read More »