How to Format an FATX Partition?

Answer FAT is a file system structure used by Windows to organize the data on your computer. The FAT file system was supported by Microsoft until Windows XP; with more recent versions of Windows the NTFS ... Read More »

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How do I change a partition format in XP?

Start ConversionClick the "Start" button and select "Run." In the box, enter "cmd" and press "OK." A command prompt window will open. Type the text "CONVERT" followed by the drive letter, a colon a... Read More »

How to Format an NTFS Partition in DOS?

The MS-DOS prompt (the command prompt application) is a command-line program where you can execute a variety of different programs on your computer. One of these programs allows you to format a par... Read More »

How to Format a Partition in a Removable Drive?

Removable USB flash drives often come pre-formatted with a partition already on them. If you want to reformat the drive and partitions upon it, you can do so. This process deletes all of the inform... Read More »

How to Partition and Format a New Hard Disk?

A hard disk, which is commonly referred to as a hard drive, is your computer's primary storage device. If you've installed a new hard disk into your computer, you can partition and format the drive... Read More »