How to Format a Hard Drive?

Answer This article includes the basics for high-level formatting a hard drive.

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How do I format a Hard Drive?

Press start, shut down and then restart in MS-DOS mode. After that you should see a black screen and C:\ written on it. At the C:\ prompt, type format C: and then press enter (or type the letter o... Read More »

How do I format my hard drive?

when you format any kind of drive, what you are doingis organising that space using a Filing System.the Filing System that XBOX uses is FAT32.a PC can use more than one type of Filing Sysytem, so w... Read More »

How do I format hard drive without using os cd?

The formatting utility on the operating system disk that came with your computer is a useful tool for recycling hard drives; it reformats the drive and resets it to an unused state. The utility inc... Read More »

How do i format my hard drive!?

When you reinstall WinXP/2000, etc, it will prompt you to setup partition and format. Likewise with Linux.