How to Format a Linux Pen Drive?

Answer Before any storage device can be used to store data, you must create a set of data structures on its raw capacity. This process is known as "formatting" in the Windows world, and as "creating a fil... Read More »

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Can i boot Linux off a CD and use an external hard drive as the default drive?

Yes but you would also need a boot CD every time,The bare computer only has a very basic booting system that can't recognise usb disksEasiest solution is find or buy a second hand hard disk and ins... Read More »

I am unable to format my C drive How can I do format and install windows again ?

A. you can't reformat the hard drive inside the oeprating systemB. you can't do it in the bios like some one else said. unless it is part of a raid sequence.c. simply run the operating system resto... Read More »

How to Format the FAT Disk in Linux?

Linux includes a utility called "fdisk" that enables you to directly make changes to the computer's data storage. Whether it be a desktop's hard drive or a flash drive, the fdisk utility can modify... Read More »

How do I format an SD card in Linux?

Locate SD DirectoryInsert the SD card into the card reader on your Linux computer. Click on "Applications," select "Accessories," and open a Linux terminal window. Type "df" into the command line, ... Read More »