How to Format a Hard Drive for XP Installation?

Answer When installing Windows XP, it is required that you format the hard disk drive before the installation process can commence. The formatting process involves the Windows XP software preparing the ha... Read More »

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How do I format my hard drive?

when you format any kind of drive, what you are doingis organising that space using a Filing System.the Filing System that XBOX uses is FAT32.a PC can use more than one type of Filing Sysytem, so w... Read More »

How do I format a Hard Drive?

Press start, shut down and then restart in MS-DOS mode. After that you should see a black screen and C:\ written on it. At the C:\ prompt, type format C: and then press enter (or type the letter o... Read More »

How do i format my hard drive!?

When you reinstall WinXP/2000, etc, it will prompt you to setup partition and format. Likewise with Linux.

How to Format a hard-drive ?

hi mate there are several methods of formatting your hard drive and the first and easiest is by re-installing windows during the re-installation phase of windows set up you will be ... Read More »