How to Format a 500GB Drive With FAT32?

Answer File Allocation Table 32 (FAT32) is the default file system used in earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. FAT32 has been superseded by New Technology File System (NTFS) in the... Read More »

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How do I format a FAT32 external drive?

FAT32 drives are a type of disk architecture that organizes files into different regions and tables. To format an external FAT32-based drive, open "My Computer" on your desktop, then right-click th... Read More »

How do I format a USB flash drive to FAT32?

Prepare to Format the USB DriveInsert the USB Flash Drive into a USB port on the computer. Go to "My Computer" and take note of the letter the USB Flash Drive is assigned. It is typically "F" or "G... Read More »

External USB Drive FAT32 Format Tool?

The ability to format an external USB hard drive provides a key function in restoring the default free space on the item. This in turn provides a method to erase a portable drive for reuse without ... Read More »

Can I format an external hard drive from NTFS to FAT32?

The easiest way I know of to format Fat32 using a NTFS operating system is to use a program called 'Partition Commander.' This is what I use to create partitions and format drives.Your other option... Read More »