How to Form and Land an Impossible?

Answer Ever wanted to impress your friends with some mad fingerboard skills? Well as hard as the trick sounds, it's one of the simplest tricks out their (probably easier than an ollie).

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How to Land an 'Impossible' on a Skateboard?

The 'Impossible' is quite a challenging trick to do but with lots of practice, you'll be a pro in no time.An 'Impossible' is where the board is scooped up by the back foot and wraps over the back f... Read More »

What is the largest land form in mexico?

According to "The Geography of Travel & Tourism" by Lloyd Hudman and Richard H. Jackson the Mexican Plateau is the largest land form in Mexico, and one of the largest in Middle America.Source:"Geog... Read More »

Which state gave land to form washington, d.c?

Both Maryland and Virginia and gave up land along the Potomac River to form Washington, D.C. President George Washington chose the site upon authorization of Congress in 1790. Congress returned Vi... Read More »

I have no land line number & hence can not fill the form. ADVICE?

It depends on what the form is for. Ask who the form is for if you really need a phone number or not.