How to Form a Working Thesis?

Answer The thesis statement may be the most important part of an academic paper. The statement defines the nature of the paper; everything in the paper will support that statement. The thesis statement ca... Read More »

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Help With Writing a Working Thesis That Uses the Cause & Effect Causal Analysis?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Shallow men believe in luck... Strong men believe in cause and effect." As such, the thesis of the cause and effect essay directly affects the focus of the paper.... Read More »

What to file on a W-4 form if you are single& working full time?

On One Hand: Up to Two Personal AllowancesAccording to the Internal Revenue Service form W-4, if you are single and work full time at a single job, you can claim up to two personal allowances. You ... Read More »

Any idea why my printer is not printing this job application form Its been working fine until I tried printi?

1. When you go to print the pdf file what happens exactly?2. Is it only this file that it will not print or will it not print at all? (Example: Test page)The more details the better. When you sa... Read More »

How to State a Thesis in a Thesis Paper?

All successful research papers and essays begin with a powerful argument that is defended throughout the remainder of the document. This is called the thesis, and it is best stated in one sentence ... Read More »