How to Form a Parents Car Pool?

Answer With so much to do as a parent and so little time to get it done, it makes a lot of sense to partner with other parents in consolidating efforts. For this reason, many parents choose to organize a ... Read More »

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Is it a form of abuse if your parents withhold money from you?

Answer No, not if you are a minor or the money is "In Trust". They are probably withholding some money because they find you irresponsible or, if home you aren't doing your chores. If you are ol... Read More »

What if you forgot to mention your parents and siblings name in DS 158 form?

Can you have one parent sign your DL 44 form if both parents have joint custody?

You need to have BOTH parents sign if they have joint custody.

Why would algae form on the boulders of the waterfall if your salt water pool is in chemical balance?

Answer The most important factor to inhibiting algae growth is the amount of free chlorine, not so much the other water balance factors (except temperature and pH).You could have alage on the bould... Read More »