How to Form a Nonprofit Foundation?

Answer Forming a nonprofit foundation is similar to forming any other business entity. You must determine your local, state and federal filing requirements, draft your initial governing documents and conv... Read More »

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Is a charitable foundation the same as a nonprofit corporation?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a charitable foundation and a nonprofit corporation are not the same. A charitable foundation is created to benefit a charitable cause and is a type of no... Read More »

How do I Form a Michigan Nonprofit?

The IRS looks closely at 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations to ensure no one close to the organization stands to benefit financially from its operation. Establishing a non-profit organization in ... Read More »

When should you form a nonprofit organization?

On One Hand: To Get Tax BenefitsNonprofit organizations, according to the small-business section of, enjoy a special exemption from many tax requirements. According to, many... Read More »

How to Form a Foundation for Concrete Slabs?

There are many jobs around the house that the average person is too intimidated to attempt. They seem big and complicated and frightening, and we believe that hiring an expert contractor and paying... Read More »