How to Form a Clique?

Answer Are you finding yourself wandering around at school with no super-close friends to talk to? A clique will help! Read on to start a clique.

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How to Identify a Clique?

Cliques are often described as groups of pals that focus, talk and rely on each other all the time. Cliques can cause lots of anger when someone who wants to join gets brushed off and denied being ... Read More »

How to Survive a Clique?

For those of you who don't know, cliques are mostly groups of girls or boys or even both. Not all of them are mean, but some of them are. Read below to help deal with these bullies.

How to Be a Clique Girl?

Ever wanted to join that group , you know the group of hot and cute girls that every boy wants to date or go out with .

How to Spot a Clique?

Cliques are exclusive groups of people who are usually mean. They can be very demanding and each of their member's rank is unstable. Here are some more details on how to spot one.