How to Form Large Sugar Crystals As Candy?

Answer Large sugar crystal candy, otherwise known as rock candy, was originally used by pharmacists when making medicine. Rock candy is one of the oldest candies and can be found in many cultures. Do an e... Read More »

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How to Make Sweet and Low Sugar Candy Crystals?

Rock candy is a fun, yummy treat. If you are trying to lose weight, or just want to become a little healthier, this is a great dessert for you.

How to Form Sugar Crystals?

Want to make your own sugar crystals at home? It's not difficult.

How Do Sugar Crystals Form?

Crystals form when atoms or molecules within a saturated solution gather together. Sugar (sucrose) crystals can form through the processes of supersaturation, recrystallization or nucleation.Sucros... Read More »

At an Indian restaurant, they had large crystals of sugar: Where can I get them?

You can get them at indian shops - i cant remember the name but you can get them in big bags and small bags, and theyre normally eaten with cardamom pods to give a fresh feeling in your mouth. Go a... Read More »