How to Form Bacronyms?

Answer Learn how to form bacronyms. It is assumed that you are familiar with acronyms. In acronyms, you normally pick the initial letters of the name of an institution, enterprise etc., and form a word, w... Read More »

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How to Play Bacronyms?

Have you ever thought of common English dictionary words as being acronyms? This is a fun thing to do with English words.

I have scanned a form, saved it to Word but am unable to type into the boxes on the form.?

OCR is Optical Character Recognition software.A scanner makes an image file, not a text file.Basically, what you're doing is like trying to change the colours or contrast of a photo using Word. Wor... Read More »

How do I scan a form, fill it out, then print the finished form?

Adobe Acrobat professional will make it work. Scan, then the Acrobat professional can fill with the text box. You can then complete the form and print the form out.

How to Convert a Standard Form Quadratic Equation to a Vertex Form?

A quadratic equation is a parabolic equation and can have two general forms. The vertex form, where y equals a * (x - h)^2 + k, is named so because the vertex is given as the variables h and k. The... Read More »