How to Forgive and Forget?

Answer "Forgive and forget" - the old adage is so easy to say... but much harder to actually do. Forgiving and forgetting is critical to moving forwards. Whether it be towards the driver who cut you off i... Read More »

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Should we be prepared to forgive and forget?

I didn't even know who she was so it means nothing to me.But the excuse that it was her Uni mates and she didn't approve is rot, her Uni mates knew too much about you all for her to have been again... Read More »

How to Forget & Forgive Past Mistakes?

In Buddhist teachings the path of happiness and peace comes through understanding suffering. Mistakes in the past are often a cause of suffering in the present. In order to gain happiness we must s... Read More »

How to Forgive and Forget the Emotional Pain You're Parents Caused You?

All the while that you have been their daughter, you thought that you've been good and responsible enough for you have already done what you think are what they want for hard, no vices,... Read More »

How to Forgive Yourself?

Forgiving yourself can be much harder than forgiving someone else. When you're carrying around a sense of blame for something that has happened in the past, this bundle of negativity burrowing deep... Read More »