How to Forgive a Mother After She Has Passed?

Answer Resentment. Such a poisonous way to live. Especially if you resent the behavior of someone who has passed and therefore absolutely nothing can be done about it. They are gone and cannot come back t... Read More »

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As a mother, could you forgive this man?

no. if it was just an accident, then fine. but if he hadn't been screwing around- and TAKING MY KIDS TO MEET HIS WHORE- then the whole thing wouldn't have happened. I would leave simply because he ... Read More »

Should you forgive your mother for taking you to live away from your psychopathic lying cheating abusive father?

Forgive Your Mother From that description it sounds like the mother was just doing her job and protecting her child. Often adolescent children consider themselves more wise than their parents and ... Read More »

What is one substance that is passed from a foetus to its mother?

How are nutrients and wastes passed between the mother and baby?