How to Forgive a Friend Who Stole a Boyfriend from You?

Answer Eeek!! My bestie just stole my boyfriend D:< What do I do?!!?

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How to Ask a Friend to Forgive You?

So you maybe spilled your best friends secret, or started a rumor to get back at someone. Want your friend back? Here is the way to do it.

My friend stole my ipod nano!!?

Get it back off her !!root in her bag ! steal her stuff !steal something that is important to her !!!

My friend stole my Ipod, but won't admit it?

First of all, she's clearly not your friend. Second of all, be 100% sure that she stole your iPod. If you're a teenager, I would tell an adult. Honestly, you may think that you're being a snitch, b... Read More »

How to Get the Boy You Like to Go from Total Stranger, to Friend, to Boyfriend?

It's not easy getting a boyfriend, or even a friend that's a guy for that matter. They're picky and at times completely moronic. Here are a couple of steps to help you get that boy, whether you lik... Read More »