How to Forgive a Backstabbing Colleague?

Answer Sometimes competition inside corporation brings up the worst side of human behavior. In order to get the promotion or the raise, some professional use a lame action namely backstabbing. However, in... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Bad and Backstabbing Friends?

Has a friend ever backstabbed you and you want to end the Friendship, for good? Well here is how:

How to Deal With a Backstabbing Friend?

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How to Deal With Backstabbing Friends?

Dealing with friends who stab you in the back is an extremely hard thing to do on your own.

How to Act When a Colleague Becomes Your Boss?

Becoming the boss of former co-workers is a difficult move for any person. Suddenly there are lines that must be drawn and topics of conversation that cannot be discussed. For the co-worker turned ... Read More »