How to Forge the Old Fashioned Way?

Answer The ancient art of blacksmithing can be traced to the Greeks who used bronze which is a combination of copper and tin that was smelted in a furnace. They used bronze to make almost everything from ... Read More »

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How to Use Forge in Halo 3?

The Forge in Halo 3 is difficult to use. So before you can create a really good map or know all the special techniques, you'll need to learn the basics of Forge. Here are some basic tools and tips ... Read More »

How to Forge a Note?

Forging a signature.Say you skipped a day of school and need a note from your parents, but they are not willing to write one for you. Or maybe, you did badly on a test but have to let your parents ... Read More »

How to Forge a Knife?

There's nothing worse than being unequipped! Now, that isn't to say that you'll ever be in a situation where you have no choice but to forge your own knife, but who knows? It could happen, and if i... Read More »

How do I forge blades?

Gather Your SuppliesGather a file, a chisel, a hammer, an anvil (or modify the head of an old sledge hammer), a forge, a belt sander, wood charcoal and a bucket of vegetable oil. Either purchase a ... Read More »