How to Forge Email?

Answer Have you ever wanted to trick your friends by sending them fake emails? You could send email from '[email protected]/* */', Bill Gates, your boss or principal, or anyone else. Imagine the possibi... Read More »

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How to Forge a Signature?

Sometimes you just forget to get the permission slip for that a teacher or parent signed, or the slip for your new class. In case of mistakes like these, it would be useful to know how to forge you... Read More »

How to Use Forge in Halo 3?

The Forge in Halo 3 is difficult to use. So before you can create a really good map or know all the special techniques, you'll need to learn the basics of Forge. Here are some basic tools and tips ... Read More »

How to Forge a Note?

Forging a signature.Say you skipped a day of school and need a note from your parents, but they are not willing to write one for you. Or maybe, you did badly on a test but have to let your parents ... Read More »

How to Build a Gas Forge?

The principle of a forge is to combine flame, fuel and directed airflow into a central hub, usable for heating metal items before the hammering process of blacksmithing. This small propane gas forg... Read More »