How to Force a Blue Screen in Windows?

Answer Blue screen of deathOften, you'd never ever want to see a blue screen. Even so, you can force one to happen at any time Windows is loaded. But sometimes, you want a blue screen, like when your 6-ye... Read More »

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How to Get Out of a Blue Screen in Windows?

The Windows blue screen has appeared since the first Microsoft operating system was introduced. The Windows blue screen most likely is caused by a virus or by an out of date driver. Getting out of ... Read More »

How to Fix a Blue Screen on Windows 7?

The "blue screen" is a general error screen displayed by Windows computers. It usually freezes your computer, rendering it useless without further intervention. The blue screen can occur for any nu... Read More »

Windows 7 "Blue Screen of Death"?

Well you should have told us the specs of your computer. That would make it a lot more possible to help you. One reason is that your processor is unstable (bad CPU or overclocked too high). Just do... Read More »

How to Restart a Blue Screen in Windows XP?

The blue screen with white text that appears when Windows XP encounters a "Stop" error has become so famous that it is now known all over as the "Blue Screen of Death." It can be just a random erro... Read More »