How to Force Yourself to Read Novels if You're Too Busy and Dislike Reading?

Answer At one point in your life, whether for a friend's book club you promised to join or as a class assignment, reading a novel of some sort will be required. This task is easier said than done, especia... Read More »

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How to Force Yourself to Read the Instructions First?

The picture on the box makes putting together your new bike look so easy-why mess with long, complicated instructions when you can simply eyeball the picture design and get it done in half the time... Read More »

BEAUTY POLL: What's one thing you dislike about yourself and three things that you do like about yourself?

Dislike: My wide jawsLikes: My dark eyes, my curly black hair, and my curves.

How to Read the Inheritance Cycle Novels?

All The Books!Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr are the first three books in The Inheritance Cycle books by Christopher Paolini. If they were put in one book that would be 1,913 pages! Here is how to rea... Read More »

How to Read Teenagers' Fiction Novels Online?

Teenage fiction novels are made-up stories that describe the internal conflicts associated with the transition from childhood to adulthood. Many teenage fiction novels have subjects such as contend... Read More »