How to Footnote a Dictionary?

Answer Missouri is known as the Show-Me State, an implication that residents of Missouri might be more skeptical than the residents of other states. The conscientious scientist and scholar, however, shoul... Read More »

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How to Footnote a Dictionary in MLA?

In the latest copy of "The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary," you will find a two-inch by 28-inch column of fine print presenting the varied uses and meanings of the word "hand," including the... Read More »

How to Footnote in APA?

American Psychological Association citation format is most often used in the social sciences. Although APA style does not commonly make use of footnotes, it is permissible to use footnotes either f... Read More »

How to Footnote a URL?

A footnote is a reference to a specific source of material used by an author as a quote, paraphrase or summary. The footnote names the source's author and exact location within a book, journal, web... Read More »

How to Put a Footnote on a Paper?

Proper citation is a critical component of any academic paper. Failure to properly cite sources can lead to a lower grade on your paper and, in some cases, academic dishonesty charges. Footnotes ar... Read More »