How to Fool Computerized Gestures?

Answer Ever seen a game where you have to draw simple shapes in order to win ? games like Black and White 2 or Nitrome's Magic Touch. These games can be really frustrating when you get to more complex sh... Read More »

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What does gestures mean?

it is an act to show something like shaking your fist at someone shows that you are angry with them or pointing somewhere shows where something is

What Are Cube Gestures?

A gesture cube is a 3D spatial movement tracking system. It will replace the typical mouse and touch screen applications of many computers, smart phones and computer pads. It will wirelessly connec... Read More »

How to Use Mouse Gestures?

Mouse gestures are a combination of mouse-pointing movements and clicks which the computer's software recognizes as a specific command.[1] Many users find using mouse gestures a great way to simpli... Read More »

Male Gestures That Indicate He Is Attracted?

Males make many movements and gestures to indicate they are attracted to others. Some of these gestures are quite obvious and can be easily identified. Others are much more subtle and are harder to... Read More »