How to Follow a Plan of Care for a Hospice Chaplain?

Answer If spirituality is broadly defined as the need or longing to connect with something greater than, or at least outside of, oneself, then almost everyone can be said to have spiritual needs. Even peo... Read More »

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Does Aetna Medicare Advantage plan provide for hospice care?

Is hospice care good or bad?

On One Hand: Merciful Transition?Hospice care is seen as a way for terminally ill patients to live out their remaining days in comfort. Drugs are administered to ease pain, but with the intention o... Read More »

Who receives hospice care?

On One Hand: Patients Dying of Incurable DiseasesHospice care is care designed to help people in the last stages of incurable disease live comfortably and with dignity. Hospice care helps manage pa... Read More »

Is hospice care acceptable?

On One Hand: Hospice is HumaneHospice care is palliative--it relieves symptoms of a disease without attempting to cure it. When a person is facing a terminal illness and continuing treatment is a f... Read More »