How to Follow Oral Directions as Kids?

Answer An oral direction is when someone tells you what to do out loud. This is one of the main ways that you will be instructed and will be able to understand. Kids are capable of listening and following... Read More »

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Do you always follow the directions exactly?

Nope.. HahaSometimes i like to add just a little more of a certain thing, like chocolate and stuff.

How to Help Children Follow Directions?

One of the most important skills necessary in order for children to be successful in life is the ability to follow directions. They will need to be able to perform tasks such as cooking, which requ... Read More »

How to Follow Directions for a Classroom Activity?

It can be difficult to follow directions in the classroom, especially for an in-class activity. You might be thinking about something else, like what you might do after school, and this can make it... Read More »

How to Follow Directions for Activities in Middle School?

The key to success in a school activity is to follow the directions given to you. Activities are a fun break from repetitive worksheets and textbook problems, and students are often encouraged to w... Read More »