How to Fold the Star of David?

Answer The Star of David, also know as Magen David is a historical symbol in the shape of a six-sided star. The Israeli flag features a blue Star of David, and it is a widely recognized symbol for Judaism... Read More »

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How to Fold a 3D Paper Star?

3D paper stars are beautiful ornaments that can be used for decorating around the house or decorating your Christmas tree during the Christmas season. 3D paper stars can be folded in a variety of s... Read More »

How to Fold a Sixteen Point Star?

With sixteen pieces of paper and a little patience, you can have a cool decoration in 10 easy steps!

How to Fold an Origami Star (Shuriken)?

You don't have to go to a weapon store to have your very own "ninja star" or a "Shuriken". You can make one or several out of paper as a cheaper and safer alternative. It is also very fun to play w... Read More »

How to Fold a Tissue Paper Star Ornament?

These stars are made from colored wax paper, commonly used for making paper kites. When hung in a window, the light shines through the layers of colored paper with a stained glass effect. Spread so... Read More »