How to Fold Wonton Wrappers?

Answer Wonton wrappers, also known as dumpling wrappers, are nice to have on hand for a quick appetizer or soup ingredient. Made from eggs, flour and salt, wonton wrappers have an easy-to-fold square shap... Read More »

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Is gyoza wrappers the same as potsticker wrappers?

Gyoza is the Japanese word for the Chinese dish commonly called potstickers. The dish is identical, other than the name, so potsticker wrappers ARE gyoza wrappers.

How to Use Wonton Strips?

If you have ever had Chinese takeout, you're probably familiar with wonton strips. These are strips of wonton wrappers which are fried or baked until crunchy. A Chinese rendition of Mexican tortill... Read More »

Wonton or Egg Drop Soup?

I work in a chinese me...egg drop sits for hours and hours ...sometime over night....we sometimes have to scrap the "skin" off the top to serve egg drop.....where as won ton sou... Read More »

Wonton Strips question?

I have not eaten that wonton strips taste like "funions". I usually made them fresh and no additive or flavour added. Wonton strips are so easy to make and so inexpensive. One square pack of wonton... Read More »