How to Fold Paper Into Fifths?

Answer The Japanese art that showcases paper folding into beautiful shapes is called origami. While folding a paper into five sections is not as complex or beautiful as a paper swan, it can be a useful sk... Read More »

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How to Fold a Paper Into Thirds?

As anyone who has ever folded a piece of correspondence can tell you, there is a delicacy to this task that keeps administrative assistants up all night. The way a letter is folded can change the s... Read More »

How to Fold Paper Into a Small Pocket?

This article explains how to fold paper into a small pocket. You can also use napkins, or anything that is similar to paper.

How to Fold a Square of Paper Into Thirds?

This a handy trick, if you do origami, when a 3x3 grid is needed as base for a model. The following method takes all the guesswork out of it and avoids unnecessary folds. Click on any of the pictur... Read More »

How to Fold Paper Into a Secret Note Square?

Want to fold a note in a compact and unique way? Here's how to do it.