How to Fog an Outboard Motor for Winter?

Answer Winterizing your outboard motor is an important step to extend the life of the motor. In colder climates this is especially important. Each outboard motor manufacturer has specific instructions for... Read More »

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Johnson Outboard Motor Winter Storage Instructions?

A Johnson outboard motor requires plenty of periodic maintenance: oil changes and gear oil changes, monitoring and fine-tuning of the inner workings and hidden mechanisms, and cleaning the motor in... Read More »

How to Test-Run an Outboard Motor?

A test run on your outboard motor, whether it has been laid up for a few weeks or stored for the season, can be a very wise procedure before heading out onto open water. The time to diagnose an eng... Read More »

Outboard Motor Checklist?

Outboard motors require some specific attention before an outing and even after a return trip from a day on the lake, river or ocean. The outboard motor has a number of systems that need periodic m... Read More »

How to Decarbonize an Outboard Motor?

Marine outboard motors which have been used for extended trolling and idling often build up carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber. Carbon deposits result from the incomplete burning of gaso... Read More »