How to Focus on Your Inner Awareness?

Answer The daily level of stimuli, such as computers, telephones, televisions, and communication with family, coworkers, and friends stimulates our nervous system. This can translate into simple headache... Read More »

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Beast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over. What kind of Awareness Month is November?

Diabetes. for reals. Send me a box of chocolates.Yeah that sugar free stuff has that sorbitol crap that may cause a laxative effect. LOL Some of that stuff is really no better for you than the ... Read More »

Helpppp for bad breath... my inner cheeks and inner lips are covered by a whitish color that smells very bad?

You may have an infection called thrush or if youre taking a new medication it may be a side effect from that. Smoking can also cause it. You should get it checked out if this is just starting

How to Open Your Awareness?

Awareness is the capability to observe with the mind, to understand and then to have the decisions according to his quality.

How to Increase Your Situational Awareness?

The one thing that will absolutely guarantee you come out on the losing end of a confrontation is not being aware of your surrounds and failing to position yourself accordingly.