How to Focus on Your Homework when There Are Distractions Around You?

Answer homework sucks!Grades slipping, Classes Failing, and just NO time in the day to sit down and actually get on with that Shakespeare essay, or that Maths Paper. Cousins, Brothers, Sisters and general... Read More »

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How to Focus on Homework?

Impossible to focus on, right? Well, maybe not.Everybody has been there; you've got a huge amount of homework that needs to be done, but you just can't seem to focus. Whatever the reason, you can't... Read More »

Ways to Focus on Homework?

Homework may not be the most enjoyable task in a student's day; however, the completion of schoolwork leads to higher grades and a better understanding of the subject matter. Because homework time ... Read More »

Why will the auto focus no longer work on my Nikon N150 It will take if I switch to M Manual focus but only clicks when I try to use Auto Focus?

Nikon stopped producing the D80 in August 2008 as it was replaced by the D90 :)

How to Avoid Distractions?

In this world of innumerable distractions, it is very easy to be taken hold by any one of them and just lose sight of all that should have stayed a priority. Here are some hopefully helpful steps a... Read More »