How to Fly Under the Radar when Traveling?

Answer A good trip is one in which nothing untoward, dangerous, or harassing happens to you. "Flying under the radar" when traveling simply means that you do your best to avoid attracting unwanted attenti... Read More »

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When was radar first used?

Humans first used radar early in the 20th century. The German Telemobiloskop, otherwise known as a Remote Object Viewing Device, was patented in 1904. The device was designed to prevent ships from ... Read More »

What does the OPP use for a radar gun?

The Ontario Provincial Police in Ontario, Canada, use a radar gun called the Steath II, manufactured by Stealth Micro Systems. It has a much higher capture rate, which allows police to nab more spe... Read More »

What is a police radar used for?

Police radar units use microwave radiation technology to determine the speed of moving vehicles. By detecting reflected microwaves and measuring the frequency between them, a radar can determine th... Read More »

How to Use the Poke Radar?

Many Pokemon in Diamond/Pearl are only available if you use the Poke Radar, a very handy device you pick up at the end of the game. It can help you find ultra rare Pokémon, and even some common on... Read More »