How to Flush the Cooling System on a Northstar Engine?

Answer If you don't properly maintain your vehicle's cooling system through yearly flushes, it will develop problems. Without annual flushing, the cooling system starts to corrode internal parts and can c... Read More »

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How to Flush Your Engine Cooling System?

Flush out your engine's coolant system each season to keep your vehicle running smoothly. It will also guarantee maximum protection for your engine from the anti-freeze. If you don't want to bring ... Read More »

How to Refill a Northstar Cooling System?

The Cadillac division of GM made use of the Northstar engine in several of their models. Northstar engines are aluminum, split-case engines designed with a special air-cooling feature. When servici... Read More »

How to Flush a Cooling System 4.3?

The coolant system in a 4.3 liter engine requires a water and antifreeze mix to keep the coolant system running strong through the coolant lines throughout the engine. Flushing the radiator will fl... Read More »

How to Flush & Repair a Cooling System?

As time goes on, coolant (antifreeze) wears out and builds up sludge, which can destroy an engine. This why it is important to change your coolant regularly and properly maintain the cooling system... Read More »