How to Flush a Heater Core on a 1992 Dodge Caravan?

Answer The 1992 Dodge Caravan's heater core is mounted under the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. To perform a heater core flush, you will need to access the passenger side of the engine co... Read More »

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How do I Flush the Heater Core in a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

The heater core in the 1998 Dodge Caravan can be accessed from the engine compartment. The heater core is connected to the engine via hoses attached directly to the core. The hoses are located on ... Read More »

How do I Flush a 1992 Dodge Caravan?

It is important to make sure that the transmission fluid in your Dodge Caravan vehicle is changed about every 40,000 miles or so. When you change the transmission fluid you should also take the tim... Read More »

The Removal of the Heater Core From the 1992 Caravan?

You can remove the heater core from your 1992 Dodge Caravan yourself using tools and supplies that can be purchased from any auto parts store. The heater core is like the radiator, only smaller. Un... Read More »

How to Flush a Dodge Durango Heater Core?

A clogged heater core in your Dodge Durango will lead to problems with your air heater system, as well as problems like leaking coolant. It may be possible to flush out the core to get it working a... Read More »