How to Flirt with Your Hair?

Answer You flirt with your eyes and with your body, take it to the next level and flirt with your hair. Here is how to sass up your game and flirt with your hair. Does this Spark an idea?

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How to Flirt over MSN?

Hey, no one has the guts to flirt in person, sometimes and MSN is a great way to flirt if you're good at it. So a guy thinks he's so funny so laugh at all his jokes. Always go on webcam both ways a... Read More »

How to Eye Flirt?

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How to Look Your Best for a Guy or Flirt?

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How to Flirt With a Guy You Don't Know?

Have you ever seen a guy at the beach or the mall that is so cute? We all have! Here are a few steps to get a complete stranger to notice you!