How to Flirt With a Girl One Rarely Sees?

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Can you get sole custody if your ex-spouse has moved out of state and rarely sees the children?

Answer yes,if he has had little or no contact with the said child/dren,also you can call it abondement no intrest in the child. with the child/dren with you ,you have primary custody as of right no... Read More »

How to Flirt With a Hot Girl?

Trying to get a chick with you is a hard job. Trying to get with a hot chick is tougher, but it has been done. See Jake SunCliffe.

How to Flirt With a Girl?

how to flirt with a girlThere are lots of different schools of thought when it comes to flirting, especially how to flirt with a girl. However, after having helped thousands of clients, we have dri... Read More »

How to Flirt With a Shy Girl for Guys?

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