How to Flirt With Your Friend's Brother?

Answer Flirting, the capacity to automatically turn our actions into sexual method signalling interest with the opposite sex as instinctively as mice twitch their noses and tilt their backs to draw in the... Read More »

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Who are the big brother lifelong friends?

I don't think there are really life long friends i think that Annie made it up

How to Be Friends With Your Older Brother?

It has to be said that most of the time siblings don't get along. Sometimes you think it's better that way but it is good if your not trying to choke each other whenever you're in the same room. Yo... Read More »

Why is your five year old brother in love with all of your friends?

Seeing the question without details your a female with a lot or a few of female friends and your little brother is in love with all of them. Well; don't be alarmed he is way to young to know whats ... Read More »

Who is Pheobe's brother's name on the tv show Friends?