How to Flip an Object Using SketchUp?

Answer The shapes copied, rotated and joinedSometimes, in SketchUp, you create an object and it has the wrong orientation. Especially when you are first starting out in it. Read this article to learn how ... Read More »

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How to Design a Dartboard Using SketchUp?

Dartboard made using SketchUpSketchUp is a fairly easy CAD type program to learn, and learning how to make fun projects goes a long way towards helping you learn your way around it. This article wi... Read More »

How to Design a Spindleback Chair Using Sketchup?

Completed spindleback chairA spindleback chair is a bit fancier than the other basic chair designs and calls for the use of a few different SketchUp tools. Read on to learn how.

How to Create a Polygon Building Using SketchUp?

A completed yurt-like structure.A polygon is "traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a closed path or circuit, composed of a finite sequence of straight line segments".[1] This article wil... Read More »

How to Create Contour Lines Using SketchUp?

Grass covered Mt. RainierThe world is full of contours. If you look at any maps and see those lines that demote elevation, you are looking at contour lines. Read this article to learn how to create... Read More »