How to Flick a Zippo Lighter?

Answer Don't know how to flick a Zippo lighter for one reason or another? Here are some simple steps on how to do a simple thing.

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How to Hot Rod a Zippo Lighter?

Here is the secret on how to get a lighter to work like it's supposed to and have limited maintenance and problems with it.

How to Refill a Zippo Lighter?

The quality and durability of Zippo lighters are what make the product appealing to many users. In addition to periodically replacing the flint and cleaning the lighter, it's essential to refuel a ... Read More »

Who invented the Zippo lighter?

George G. Blaisdell invented the Zippo windproof lighter in 1932. He enhanced an existing lighter's chimney design by making it easy to operate with one hand and improving its appearance. Zippo has... Read More »

How to Flick a Bic Lighter?

It may seem simple to those who have been doing it for a while, but turning on a Bic lighter can actually take a while to figure out. Read on to learn some tips!