How to Flaunt Tattoos on Women?

Answer Tattoos on women are becoming more popular by the day. Back in the day it was only men who sported tats. Not only that, but they were typically military, biker or prison thugs that did it. Well, no... Read More »

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Do men like women with tattoos ?

i have a peach on my shoulder had it done august this year the kids said you'll never get it done taking the mick out of me they had been doing this for years so i went and got it done without tel... Read More »

Should women have tattoos?

yes they fricken should. tattoo a pair of breasts on your back....that would look cool

Women & Tattoos?

Come on, you know you want to. :) Listen, a tattoo is a personal thing and only you can decide if it's worth it. The hairline sounds like a good spot if you want the ability to hide it. There i... Read More »

What do you think to women with tattoos ?

Tattoos can be attractive if they are in the right places!I have a small one on my shoulder, a little one on my ankle and one that is about 4" by 3" on my back! They are tasteful, especially the on... Read More »